Marsh Alliance's Client Story

I have recently completed a project for a Brisbane manufacturing business called Marsh Alliance.

The Brief

  • Develop software to add onto an existing Microsoft Access Database.
  • Retain existing Access form & report functionality.
  • Create a new process to manage incoming and outgoing containers used for delivery of manufactured products.
The new system needed to:
  • Receive input from a barcode scanner.
  • Be usable from a tablet or similar mobile device.
  • Minimise keyboard and screen taps to streamline process to load and unload trucks.
  • Send an email to the sales team to notify when the outgoing containers are dispatched, including a list of the container ID numbers and the customer they have been sent to.
  • Link to existing Work Order software to extract list of items to be shipped and provide the ability to match this information against data in the new system.

The Solution

  • A Web Application with an SQL Server database for the bar code scanning and delivery management. This technology provide the ability to use the application from any device with a web browser, on any operating system.
  • I migrated the data in the Microsoft Access database into a SQL Server database. Doing this improved speed, security, and data integrity.
  • The existing Microsoft Access Database forms and reports were retained. All now are connected to the new SQL Server database with minimal changes required to the design of the existing forms and reports.
  • The infrastructure used to host the Web Application, was an existing inhouse Microsoft IIS Server and SQL Server. This was an easy choice as it did not incur any existing hardware or software licensing costs.
The new Cage Management System being used on a tablet to scan cages as they are being loaded onto delivery trucks. Implementing this new process gained a significant time saving of 15 to 20 hours every week.
Marsh Alliance’s Cage Dispatch screen, can be used on a phone, tablet or PC. As each cage is processed with the barcode scanner, it is highlighted in green to clearly show the status of each cage in the order.

Client Feedback

Key to I.T. has worked with Marsh over many months to refine and develop a system that helps us tie together many separate processes.
The use of barcoding will help us remove errors in our dispatch process, it saves us time because the data is available to the team anywhere. It also adds a high level of traceability, we know exactly what product is loaded in which container and where that container is during its manufacture dispatch and return cycle.
Due to the ability of the new software to scan items on the forklift directly into a portable device, our truck loading process has reduced from a 2 person job to a single person; a 15 to 20 hour per week labour saving.
This addition gives our teams more tools to work effectively and our customers a better experience, what more could you ask from an enhancement such as this.

Thank you Leanne.
Adam Forrester
Chief Executive Officer
Marsh Alliance